Time After Time

The Start of Something... Grand?
Part 1

The players arrive on Galatea as 3 friends who recently have left the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns after completing a tour of duty. The tour ended in a rather spectacular success for the players and 2 of them ended up owning their own mechs while the third was highly decorated for his actions.

Not sure of their next move they meet together in a bar a few days after planet fall and decide to talk things over and figure out their future plans. While they have known each other for most of their teen and adult lives they each come from highly separate backgrounds.

It doesn’t take long for them to realize that most of the mercs in the bar that they are relaxing in are agitated over something. A few extra drinks and some careful attempts at ease dropping soon reveals that a pair of rich Steiner nobles with only 2 years of combat duty between them have landed on the planet and are hiring up all of the good techs. Not only are they paying better wages, but they are signing people up for 6 year tours of duty instead of the traditional 2. This has left a large number of more established units in a bind as the techs they were planning on hiring are not available and indeed some of their techs are leaving service to join up with the new comers.

The party decides to investigate this further, but are interrupted when they over hear another group of mercs talking about how some guy who has done them wrong is on planet and over at another bar called the Heart Break Hotel performing. It becomes really clear to the players that the other mercs are planning to kill the man. This causes them to change plans for the night and instead they decide to go to the other bar to watch the fight/murder… or maybe get involved depending on what happens.


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