Time After Time.

The year was 2750, humanity had reached the peak of civilation, culture, science, and for a time peace. A vast star empire is watched over by the all powerful force of the Star League based out of humanities planet of birth, Terra.

However, tiny cracks in the foundation of this great empire have begun to form. 5 house lords who have at best been reluctant to bend knee towards the Star League plot and plan for a time when they will have a chance to determine their own destiny. Other rumors suggest that there are forces as of yet unknown working to topple the great empire from both within and without.

3 men and 2 women, all sentenced to death have had their lives spared on one condition. Join the special forces of the SLDF and use the talents that they had developed for their own gain for the good of all humanity. Sometimes you need criminals and those with dark shady pasts to root out an even greater evil. Should they succeed the Star League might live on and humanity will never know their names or the sacrifices they made… should they fail, the future looks very dark indeed.

The Year is now 3015. The Star League, humanities greatest hope for peace and prosperity vanished in the fires of war fueled by a mad man and traitor to the cause. Despite the best efforts of brave heroes and those loyal to the League, chaos and destruction have consumed the known worlds for over 250 years.

The 5 great house have waged brutal war on each other, all with the idea and plan to name their leader as the next Ruler of the Star League. Millions upon millions of lives have been lost, and even worse some would say, humanity has entered into a dark age where technology and science that was once common place has become a thing of legend or forgotten completely.

Still, the wars wage on, more fierce then ever. Many feel that who ever does finally win will be the First Lord of nothing more then dead worlds.

Still, there are those that hope for a better day. While their number is even smaller, there are some that plan to make that hope a reality.

((As a side the time line has been changed slightly to give more options to the players as well as include more chances for them to come into contact with some famous personalities before they were big. Also from 3015 on the game time line will probably differ in some important aspects from the “True” Battletech storyline.))

Time After Time

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